Vertellis Board Game Review

vertellis game review

With a possible community of 2 – 10 players and an average playing time of 30 – 120 minutes, Vertellis (meaning tell us more in Dutch) is a family card game created with the intention of bringing people together.  The game designed and self-published by the trio of Lars Blokdijk, Bart Kloosterhuis, and Lizette Zeeman, …

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Suspicion Board Game Review

suspicion board game review

Suspicion is a deductive reasoning family board game of two to six players and an average playing time of sixty minutes. Players essentially play the game as world-class jewel thieves, stealing gems and unmasking guests at a mansion all the while trying not to get caught.  The gameplay involves the players (ten characters) being invited …

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Unearthing Unearth

unearth board game review

Earth’s ancestors have long since perished leaving their glorious creations behind to crumble. Now, the task has fallen to tribes of Delvers to explore the world. Each player (2-4) plays as one tribe, exploring all manners of terrain, in search of the lost ruins and their treasures in the hopes of rebuilding what they had …

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Sunken Sailor Game Review

sunken sailor game review

Buffalo Games’ Sunken Sailor is a straightforward blend of Pictionary and modern party games like Spyfall with a nautical theme stretched to fit. After shuffling the envelopes of story cards and dealing out their contents, 3-8 players will take on the role of pirates who drank a little too much last night and are all …

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